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Our mission is to provide the highest quality student housing operation in the market.  Our industry knowledge and experience will allow us to create a safe and nurturing living environment for our students, and maximum returns for our investors.   

Greenhill Partners is a full service student housing company; For 18 years, the founding principals of Greenhill Partners worked at GMH Communities Trust as part of a team that operated a student housing business and, within the business, performed the acquisition, finance (construction and permanent mortgages) and also secured the necessary third party equity, development, construction, management, asset management and disposition of student housing properties located throughout the United States; The business model for growing our student housing portfolio involves the acquisition of single assets, multi-asset portfolios and the purchase of land which can be properly entitled and constructed upon; This student housing platform is being formed to create an entity that can capitalize on the growing needs of the growing student population; Greenhill Partners' will utilize their extensive experience and understanding of this specialized asset type to create a student housing company with a portfolio of highly sought after student housing properties; Our goal is to create value through our expertise and to maximize the returns to our investors.